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About Us

About RomeKidsTours

Fun and Interactive private tours of Rome with especially trained child friendly guides

Hello and thank you for stopping by….

My name is Katja, and I am here to make your trip to Rome and Italy in general, a special one! I have lived in the US for quite some time…..and have traveled extensively with my daughter and was always searching forwonderful, child friendly guides, who could capture the attention of my curious little girl, who would make it interesting and meaningful! Though, I noticed that at the end of each tour I had to step in… to repeat whatever was explained to us, in simple words… to make it comprehensive, fun and exciting for her, too… That is how my company was born. I have always loved my job as a guide, I decided to focus especially on families with children and I started catering to the individual needs of my little travelers… and their parents!

Most of my colleagues and I work with interactive material or overlay books and other visuals to make the tours more fun and interactive, we have designed scavenger hunts for  3-6 year olds and 6-12 year olds and we are the only ones who have tours designed for families with teenagers. I have been a licensed guide for many years, have a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, with minors in Art history and Psychology. Though my true passion is history… I love to surprise my visitors, see smiles on their faces and want them to be happy and surprised how much one can learn (NOT ONLY see!!!! but LEARN) in a very short period of time! We converse not lecture, and we zoom in and find out who our little clients are, how much they know and how much they can take in.

In Rome every stone tells a story and my team and I are ready to welcome you, too!
After all, we are happy and proud parents when we know that our children are listening and learning and getting the very most out of a visit to city as important as Rome

Most Popular Adventures We Have

Rome is a fascinating place for both young and old and seeing it through my expert eyes, you and your family are guaranteed to learn so much more.

In Rome you can really “touch” history – what looks like old stones and a bunch  of ancient ruins, will suddenly come to life with my stories and tales of “how it used to be”!

Rome has all sorts of itineraries to offer to its visitors. It is a very family friendly city and my team and I can arrange (almost!) anything you may need in the Eternal city or anywhere else in Italy in general. I can provide you and your family with: outstanding family-friendly guides in other Italian cities, ticket reservations, any kind of land transportation, transfers, etc, all with private cars and minivans always accompanied by professional, courteous drivers.

And best of all…I offer a wide variety of specialized tours perfectly tailored and customized to the individual needs of your family.

We offer mostly private tours of the Vatican, Private tours of Ancient Rome, a fun walk called the Secret Marble Zoo

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