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Affresco Class

Price €49 2 hour
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Affresco Class

€49 per person
Love playing with colors? Follow the steps of the great Michelangelo! In this fun and relaxing 2-hour affresco class you can let your imagination and creativity take over!
Italy is not only famous for its food, architecture, fast cars and amazing cities, but also for its marvelous artworks and artists. In particular the artists from the Renaissance period have established themselves as being some of the best and most appreciated artist. One of these is Michelangelo, whom, recognized as being a master of in his time, worked with statues, the famous David in Florence and the Pietà, but also created his most famous masterpiece in Rome: the Sistine Chapel.
Have you seen the already? It is considered to be one of his masterpieces because of the complex technique he used, painting it ‘al fresco’, which means painting on fresh plaster. This is considered to be an extremely hard technique because it dries quickly, so that means no mistakes or he had to do it all over again! What skill he must have possessed in order to not mess up all the time and finally get to the finish line!
So, since you have learned a but more about affresco painting are your fingers not twitching to get started and create your very own masterpiece? What are you waiting for? Join us in this 2-hour family-friendly class. Adults and kids can learn a little more about art and the great Michelangelo, together with our Renaissance expert in our classroom in the center of Rome! What better way to learn that doing it with your own hands! Choose between a marble fresco or a glass fresco and get crazy with all the colors you can play with! Get ready to get your hands a little dirty to create your very own masterpiece that you can definitely bring back home. What a fantastic souvenir!
2 hour
3+ Age
  • Departure
    Workshop class – City center
  • Departure Time
    AM or PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual and Comfortable - Please wear clothes that may get dirty
  • Included
    All the materials/ingredients
    Private Workshop
    your very own masterpiece
  • Not Included
    A soft drink
    All Museum Tickets
    Breakfast options
    Coliseum Tickets
    No line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
    Painting workshop
    Personal Guide
    Private Experience
    Scavenger hunt
    Skip-the-line timed-entry ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
    Your chef
    Your private vehicle and professional driver
A fun 2-hour affresco class with a Renaissance art expert that will make this class absolutely fun and unforgettable!
  • Take you own masterpiece home
  •  Please dress appropriately
  •  If parents do not participate, they may take pictures!