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Explore the most wonderful places in Italy and beyond

Day Trips From Rome

A family friendly Day trip from Rome

Rome is so full of marvelous things to see and experience though if you have several days in the Eternal city and one or two to spare, or perhaps this is not your first time and you wish to visit other sights join us on one of our private half day trips to Ostia or Tivoli or perhaps you wish to explore Florence or spend the day in Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius.

Florence is certainly a must see when in Italy and it is easily reachable from Rome by our fast trains within only a little over 1 hour 30 min. Our spunky family guide will greet you with a smile as you get off the train to start an unforgettable walk of some of the highlights of this Renaissance town like the DuomoSanta Croce Church and the Old Bridge. We focus on you and your children while you learn about the anecdotes and myths around the prominent Medici family and how and why some of the world famous artists flourished in the city of the Flower before they went out to into the world. If you wish to add the Uffizi Gallery your children will enjoy our Florence For KidsArt Detective Hunt. Don’t miss this family friendly tour that will keep your children engaged as they will learn so much in a relatively short period of time. Time for a typical Florentine lunch and an afternoon on your own to explore or shop before you hop back on the train to return to Rome. We will be happy to also assist with tickets to the Accademia to see the David by Michelangelo and your train tickets.

Or how about an exclusive door to door service from your apartment or hotel directly to the excavations in Pompeii where your guide will be waiting to discover the city that was covered by layers and layers of ash for centuries from the eruption the volcano of Mount Vesuvius in 79A.D. You and your kids will marvel all the great history and facts about this formerly flourishing Roman town full of life. Your children will enjoy our activity booklet on this family friendly Pompeii For Kids tour with your very own personal guide. After the tour you may have a quick bite for lunch before your courteous, professional driver will take you to the top of Mount Vesuvius to hike up to the crater and enjoy the view from there, before you will be taken back to Rome.

Florence Family Day
Your family friendly guide will be waiting for you as you get off the train to visit Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region and home to the famous Medici family and to the most famous Renaissance art and architecture.
Ostia Antica Day Tour
Your private driver will meet you at your hotel with your child-friendly guide. Explore and experience Ostia – this once busy and dynamic seaport. Let your imagination take you back and imagine how this glorious city once was! Your amazing and expert guide will make sure that you get to appreciate the beauty and culture that Ostia has to offer!
Pompeii for Kids
The mighty volcano called Mount Vesuvius claimed Pompeii in 79 A.D. It covered this once magnificent city in ashes, freezing time for thousands of years. On this Pompeii Day trip you will go explore the hidden charm of what seems a ruined, lost city. Like real archaeologists and art historians you will analyze the ruins, together with your knowledgeable tour guide! To finish, prepare yourself to climb Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that claimed this magnificent city in 79AD.
Tivoli and Villa D’Este Day Trip
Your private driver will meet you at your hotel or apartment together with your expert guide. Drive to the small but lovely town of Tivoli, just outside Rome and discover the hidden beauty of Villa Adriana and the great emperor who built it! Next, the enchanting Villa d’Este, with its fairytale- like vibe it will absolutely make you feel like a royalty! Finish with a mouthwatering lunch immersed in nature!

No time for a full day trip, no worries. Have you heard of Ostia Antica, the old Roman port town, only 17 miles from Rome? You and your kids are up for a fascinating morning or afternoon on this 5 hour trip with your private courteous driver. You will be enjoy an exclusive door to door service from your accommodation to the excavations of Ostia Antica with your guide. See this authentic and very cosmopolitan Roman town that was covered by the elements over the centuries as if time stood still. You will see the Roman Bathsthe theatrethe main square and some Roman housestaverns and even the bakers. Your After your tour you will be taken back to your hotel or apartment in Rome.

When have you had lunch next to an over 2,000 year old temple where queens and kings and heads of state have dined? Tivoli is one of the marvels near Rome. You may spend either 4 or 7 hours visiting the 16th century Villa D’Este and its magnificent gardens with over 500 fountains to explore. Your children will love to discover the names of the different fountains and water plays. Let’s see who makes it up and down the gardens first, it is quite a hike. Have lunch at the Sibilla restaurant overlooking the waterfall sitting right by two over 2,000 year old temples and then have your courteous driver take you and your kids to the stunning Villa of emperor Hadrian from the early second century which he built after having traveled extensively when being inspired by all the architectural wonders he discovered and reproduced in this palace of his called Hadrian’s Villa.

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