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Raise little creative thinkers and start with hands on activities……

What an exciting moment for a child to explore their talents at an early age and try out different forms of art! Italy is the cradle of art and artistic movements so what better place to dive in with one of our fun two-hour workshops for children age 5+, for teenagers and of course also for adults….choose the best Class for your family vacation. Art represents a beautiful outlet for children and adults alike to channel their emotions and feelings and helps especially children with their coordination. Any kind of creativity fuels our ability to solve problems, to be innovative, and to explore unfamiliar and new things. Having fun creating things with our own hands brings a smile to our faces and makes us feel like we have accomplished something special…. our own little masterpiece.

You have four fun workshops in the heart of Rome to pick from with Rome4KidsTours. Our creative directors and artists will be their to guide you every step of the way. Creative play is a bonding experience and helps to develop many skills and is also relaxing and a lot of fun! Painting, drawing, cutting and pasting all assist in developing our fine motors skills.

Join our Ceramics Class that may get everyone’s hands dirty but is so very inspiring and fun, working with the wheel. This is easy even for smaller kids being helped by their parents and you will be surprised that you will manage to create your own master piece in only a couple of hours.

Or you may be inspired by all the many wonderful mosaics you have seen or will see in Rome and wish to create your own? We recommend our Mosaic Workshop from the age of 7 on as you will have cut your own pieces and pick your own materials. Of course, mom and dad can help!

Michelangelo and many other Renaissance artists painting on wet plaster which is a so called ‘affresco’. How does that work? We shall explain during this 2 hour Affresco Workshop.  Sign up for this enjoyable class and take your own Affresco home.

Ever heard of Caravaggio? If your children are 10+ and curious, let’s learn about the ‘chiaroscuro’ technique together during our Caravaggio Workshop. You may even opt to go on a little 1 hour tour of some of the master pieces painted by the great master himself to find more about his interesting life as an artist!

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