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Fun and Interactive private tours of Rome with expert and friendly guides


My name is Katja, and I am here to make your trip to Rome a special one!

I have lived in the US for quite some time…..and have traveled extensively with my daughter and was always searching for
wonderful child friendly guides, who could capture my daughter's attention, who would make it interesting and meaningful! Though, I noticed that at the end of each tour I had to step in… repeat whatever was explained to my little girl in simple works…….to make it comprehensive, fun and exciting for her, too……….and since I have always loved my job as a guide, I decided to focus especially on families with children and I started catering to the individual needs of my little travelers.....

Most of my colleagues and I work with interactive and 3 dimensional applications on the Ipad, overlay books and other visuals to make the tours more fun and interactive……I have a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, with minors in Art history and Psychology. Though my true passion is history………….I love to surprise my visitors, see smiles on their faces and want them to be happy and surprised how much one can learn (NOT ONLY see!!!! but LEARN) in a very short period of time!

In Rome every stone tells a story and my team and I are ready to welcome you, too!

After all, we are happy and proud parents when we know that our children are listening and learning and getting the very most out of a visit to city as important as Rome!

Rome Family Tours with Kids! Enjoy Rome with your whole family!!!

Are you planning a trip to Rome with your children and would like the entire family to get the most out of it?

Well, get ready for a
fun journey through the Eternal City! We will cover about 3,000 years of history!

Parents are of course welcome to come along on the tours, but
please keep in mind that the main focus is on your kids and teenagers!

My tours are fun, entertaining and educational. You will all take home with you a collection of superbly unforgettable memories and a lot of culture!

Guided tours of Rome and The Vatican for Children and Teens!

Rome Kids Tour, the leader in organizing your family trip with children to Italy!

Personal guided tours led by Official Rome Tour Guide specialized in creating itineraries for families with kids!

Katja Hansel, Private Guide in Rome for Kids!

Rome Kids Tour, the leader in organizing your family trip with children to Italy!

I organize tours for families travelling with their kids throughout Italy but mainly in Rome and surroundings.

I love kids and I love my city: ROMA !!….and I would like to share with you my passion for this marvelous historical landmark. …. You will discover and feel Rome in a way that will make you want to come back for more, and more and more!

Years of experience with children and having a 10 year old daughter myself enables me to be sensitive to the attention span of children, to comprehend their interests, their energy level and thirst for knowledge….you will be surprised how much your kids know and how much they will learn in a day,... or two or three….!


Rome is a fascinating place though with me or one of the other licensed guides of my team, you and your family, you will learn an incredible amount in a short period of time.

In Rome you can truly touch and feel the history; what may look like old stones and a bunch of ruins will suddenly leap to life with animated explanations of the events of the past, anecdoted and fun stories…….

Please remember that your itinerary will always be tailored and adjusted to meet your individual needs in terms of sites to visit & timing and we will also flexible to include what is on your 'must see list'!

Rome Tours for Clever Parents

Tours of Rome with kids, tour Rome at your own pace!

Customized Rome Itineraries designed for families with kids. My tours include: “Ancient Rome”, “Underground Rome”, “The Vatican”, “Rome Shore Excursions for Families” ... I am all you need to organize the best tour of Rome for you and your children!

Vatican Tours especially for Kids

Vatican tours for kids, enjoy the expertize of a private Vatican gudie!

Our “kid-friendly” Vatican tours guarantee a fun and cultural experience for your whole family!

No queues at the Vatican !! No having to wait in line: The Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica private entry times are part of the special treatment reserved for you and your family.

Together we will discover things about Michelangelo and of course all the wonderful things this incredible artist was able to do 500 years ago!

Vatican ticket reservations are possible for the special Early Sistine Chapel tour!

You and your children will remain wonderfully surprised!

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