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Mosaic Class

Price €55 2 hours
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Mosaic Class

€55 per person
After walking through the streets of Rome, visiting all the museums and admiring all the stunning and great masterpieces by Italian artists, why not experience being an artist yourself? How exciting does that sound?
Join our 2-hour Mosaic class in the heart of Rome! You cannot find many places in the world that will teach you how to make this very different and particular. Let’s start with the basics…do you know what a Mosaic is? It is an artwork created with small pieces of colored glass, stones or other materials! The earliest examples of this wonderful technique dates back to around 6000 years ago, in Mesopotamia, corresponding to today’s Iraq. This technique however, became famous only during the Roman Empire! The Romans loved decorating their villas, public buildings and even their floors with all these gorgeous mosaics! It would take some time to fill an entire wall or a floor with small pieces of stones or glass, but the Romans had all the patience because the finish result was absolutely stunning. You definitely must have seen one already!
In this 2-hour Mosaic class you will see and learn step by step the creation of a wonderful artwork! Become a Mosaic artist for a day and experience how fun it is to create your own masterpiece! Learn to cut the small colored pieces with your goggles on and paste them! Your mosaic expert will make this class as fun and as easy as possible, adults can join their little ones too! Bring your masterpiece back home as a souvenir of your wonderful vacation in Rome!
2 hours
3+ Age
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    AM or PM
  • Included
    All the materials/ingredients
    Private Workshop
    your very own masterpiece
  • Not Included
    A soft drink
    All Museum Tickets
    Breakfast options
    Coliseum Tickets
    No line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
    Painting workshop
    Personal Guide
    Private Experience
    Scavenger hunt
    Skip-the-line timed-entry ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
    Your chef
    Your private vehicle and professional driver
A super entertaining mosaic class with an expert that will focus on your kids interests!
Cameras are a MUST Operates in all weather conditions Please wear clothes that may get dirty