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The Mythology Quest

Price €49 2 hours
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The Mythology Quest

€49 per person
Mythology is timeless and fascinating, and each mythological story has a number of hidden secrets and universal messages to convey.
Discover the fascinating world of the Ancient Gods and Goddesses, presented in a family-friendly manner so both kids and adults alike can relate. Find out about the fabulous adventures and myths of the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.
This is a fabulous tour for your and your children if you they have studied the pagan gods and even for who is new to this, as mythology has always played an important role in Ancient civilizations, especially. It reflects what they used to stand for, including their ethics &values.
Learning about mythology and legends is one of the best ways to fully understand a culture! Not only it is fun and full of amazing characters, but most tales are also characterized by a mysterious plot twist! Now, would you love to hear some of the best stories about the Roman gods and goddesses?
Prepare for a fun and edutaining 2-hour hunt quiz in the very oldest museum in the world. Learn about all the fantastic and mesmerizing stories about Rome, the once ‘Capital of the World’, also known as ‘caput mundi’ and its god and goddesses.
How did they influence the everyday life of the Romans. How many different mythological creatures where there? Your Mythology guide and child-friendly story teller will make sure that your kids will have a blast in the Capitoline Museums. Get ready to explore the almighty Jupiter, the fierce Neptune, the goddess of wisdom, Athena and many more!
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of myths and legends? Don’t hesitate ….you will be surprised….
  • Departure
    Capitoline Museums
  • Departure Time
    AM or PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual and Comfortable
  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Private Experience
    Scavenger hunt
  • Not Included
    A soft drink
    All Museum Tickets
    All the materials/ingredients
    Breakfast options
    Coliseum Tickets
    No line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
    Painting workshop
    Private Workshop
    Skip-the-line timed-entry ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
    Your chef
    Your private vehicle and professional driver
    your very own masterpiece

Tour Location

Capitoline Museums
Young and old enjoy our mythology quiz hunt. You will love this tour thanks to your expert guide that will focus on your kid’s interests!
Cameras are a MUST Operates in all weather conditions