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The Visit of Ancient Rome, a Lifetime experience For Kids

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Leisure journey in Rome with your kids! How to enjoy Rome with children...


You are planning a trip to Rome with your children?

There is only one way to do it:
contact your personal guide to set up a private tour for you. You will go at your pace, and the enthusiasm of your guide will make you want to know more about Rome and its will learn about the founding of Rome by the king Romolus, the Republic, the vast Roman Empire that lasted almost 500 years, the middle ages and the flourishing time of the Renaissance…., with artists like Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci….the Baroque time with Bernini and our modern day and age.

Not to worry, this is only a leisurely journey through eternity, not a marathon!

Your children are part of the tour and are actively involved while your guide wraps history up nicely and ties it all together, so in the end….. it all makes sense! Rome makes it possible, as you instantly feel part of the hustle and bustle. Ancient Rome is only one of the highlight tours Rome has to offer: the Coliseum is one of the wonders of the world and has served as a model for many of the modern day stadiums all over the planet. As one of the main places of entertainment in Ancient Rome this is where the gladiatorial fights were taking place. When you close your eyes you can virtually hear the up to 80.000 spectators rooting for their favorite heroes.

People placed bets and found out what was going on it city life…..imagine, most people could neither read nor write!
The Palatine hill is a fascinating place to see where the first kings lived and what the emperors transformed the hill into hundreds of years later. You proceed to the Roman Forum, the former market place: the religious, political, financial and commercial center of all time. It is an amazing experience to discover what people looked like and what their lives were like almost 2,000 years ago…..on to the Pantheon, a spectacular temple with the largest free standing dome in the world, with a large hole in the middle…..are you curious to find out what happens when it rains? Rome leaves this deep impression on us, that makes us want to come back for more, to discover new things and see different sides of it.

contact me for more information!

Experience Rome with chidren.
Fun tours in Rome for kids

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