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Tivoli and Villa D’Este Day Trip

Price €159 Full Day
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Tivoli and Villa D’Este Day Trip

€159 per person
Take a break from busy Rome! On this 7-hour day trip to Tivoli, discover the hidden beauty and glory of Emperor Hadrian’s residence and the enchanting 16 th Century Villa d’Este! Who was Emperor Hadrian? A very cultured bearded emperor who adored Greek culture! Yes, we said bearded! Did you know that not many men had beard back in Ancient Rome as it was not considered to be fashionable! What a trendsetter! In addition, he was particularly famous for being the Emperor who travelled the most! His travels were aimed at studying the culture of other civilizations; his favorite was the Greek one and his Villa even had some wonderful Roman copies of Greek statues. When he was back in Rome, he stayed in his fabulous and luxurious residence far from the busy and noisy life in Rome, in the
small but lovely town of Tivoli! The Emperor’s residence, Villa Adriana, named after the emperor itself has all the major facilities that he you could possibly think of! It had a theater, a garden with stunning statues, little ponds, wonderful fountains and an open meeting space for friends where he loved to discuss about Greek culture and philosophy! He would use this space for political matters too. After all, he still had to manage the whole Empire! The cute little town of Tivoli has also another famous Villa, Villa d’Este, a much deserving stay to let its almost 150 fountains, each designed very particularly, soothe your senses! Villa d’Este breathes charm and magic! Mythical creatures abound, this might be the one place in Italy where you can meet Pegasus! The villa boasts of really fantastic Grotesque art and interesting sculptures.
Take a leisure stroll and take some countryside fresh air together with your fantastic and expert guide that will make this relaxing tour more amazing and dreamy than it already is! Then, you may enjoy a delicious meal in Tivoli to complete this wonderful, relaxing and enchanting tour!
Full Day
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    No line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
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    Skip-the-line timed-entry ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
    Your chef
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    your very own masterpiece

Tour Location

  • Villa Adriana
  • Villa D'Este
A relaxing tour in the countryside of Rome with your family-friendly guide that will make this experience absolutely unforgettable!
  • Cameras are a MUST
  • Operates in all weather conditions