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Discover and explore the great works of the revolutionary baroque artist Caravaggio who lived some 400 years ago. You will learn the dark & l ight technique during this hands on painting workshop ….in the steps of Caravaggio, the genius! This family friendly activity gives you and your children the opportunity of new painting skills and fun facts about a new era in art and this world famous artist!

Learn and discover more about this Ancient artwork! In this 2-hour fun class be an artist for a day and let your imagination work, play with the small colored pieces of glass, learn how to cut them and paste them to create your very own masterpiece!

Make your own masterpiece, aspiring artist or not, you will absolutely enjoy our pottery class in the very heart of Rome! From deciding the form of the clay to painting it, experience this ancient art tradition that has been around for thousands of years! Together with your expert art teacher create the perfect souvenir of your amazing time in Rome!

Who doesn’t LOVE PIZZA? So why not learn to make it so you can have your pizza anytime you crave for it? To learn to cook and prepare something but most especially the food you love is one of the best souvenirs you take home from a trip! And to know how to make PIZZA is the best takeaway ever!

In this fun 2-hour pasta making class, your professional local chef will assist you in making your own pasta! From mixing all the ingredients to shaping it, experience how the Italians make their authentic homemade pasta in a restaurant in the very heart of Rome!

Art comes in all forms and shapes, and cooking is one of them. Join our fun and dynamic cooking class in the heart of Rome! With a passionate and local chef you will learn the secrets of the Italian cuisine, one of the most appreciated cuisines in the whole word! Make the most out of this wonderful experience and learn as much as you can! Don’t forget to enjoy your meal afterwards!

Love playing with colors? Follow the steps of the great Michelangelo in our fun and exciting affresco class! Choose between a marble fresco or a glass fresco and have fun playing with colors to create your very own masterpiece!

There is no sweeter memory of your trip in Rome than learning how to make your own gelato! Enjoy this 1-hour class with our gelato expert that will make this class fun for you and your kids, learn how to make gelato and bring the step by step recipe back home to recreate the authentic roman gelato!