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Vatican Museum Hunt

Price €49 3 hours
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Vatican Museum Hunt

€49 per person
How to put 3,000 years of history, 2,000 years of Christianity and 90 years of Vatican sovereign city state in a nutshell and make it fun and meaningful for children and adults alike? Good news. You are in the perfect place! We have developed a hunt with a time line and the most important thing for us is to stimulate the curiosity of your children and to make them have fun! Participation is everything. Meet your dynamic, family friendly guide in front of the Vatican Museums to start this inspiring Vatican Kids Tour! Learn many interesting facts about the Vatican, the Popes and their favorite artists. We will take care of the skip the line access into the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica. Your very own dynamic guide will take you and your children through one of the most precious collections on this planet! Enjoy our Divine Race Hunt on our Kid friendly Vatican tour. We have different hunts prepared especially for 3-6 year olds and another one for children ages 6-12 year. We also have tours for families with teens with tours for teens. On this Vatican tour with kids for all ages we will focus on your children, their interest, stamina and knowledge, visiting the very highlights. teaching everyone about the Ancient Romans and Greeks, different religions, Michelangelo, the Renaissance and more…..
  • Departure
    Entrance of the Vatican Museums
  • Departure Time
    AM or PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual and Comfortable
  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Private Experience
    Scavenger hunt
  • Not Included
    A soft drink
    All Museum Tickets
    All the materials/ingredients
    Breakfast options
    Coliseum Tickets
    No line access to St. Peter’s Basilica
    Painting workshop
    Private Workshop
    Skip-the-line timed-entry ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
    Your chef
    Your private vehicle and professional driver
    your very own masterpiece

Tour Location

Entrance of the Vatican Museums
Visit the Gallery of the Carriages, the different Galleries, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica (unless the Vatican closes it for special functions)
Your children will be stimulated on the Vatican hunt tour where they will experience one of the most amazing Museums in the world and the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, that was decorated by Michelangelo all through the eyes of our family friendly guide.
Camera is a must Water recommended Please cover your shoulders and knees No large backpacks and bags or else you may have to check them